Dr. Pauline Boss training materials

To supporters and professionals

In 2012, one and a half year after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we invited Dr. Pauline Boss, who developed “Ambiguous Loss Theory,” to Sendai and Fukushima and held training sessions. The training materials are uploaded on this website, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Boss. Please download and use them when you need them.

 *When citing these materials, please clearly state the source.


※“Lecture in Fukushima (PDF)” 448KB

“Losing a Way of Life: How to find hope in ambiguous loss” by Dr. Pauline Boss on December 1, 2012

PDF download


※“Workshop in Sendai (PDF)” 450KB

“Ambiguous Loss: A framework for psychosocial interventions when family members, homes and communities are lost” by Dr. Pauline Boss on Dec. 3, 2012

PDF download