About JDGS

About JDGS

The JDGS Project (Japan Disaster Grief Support Project) was organized soon after the Great East Japan Earthquake by “grief” experts in the country to support those bereaved by the disaster.


The loss of a loved one is often painful both emotionally and physically, but when it happens all of a sudden, especially in a disaster, the pain defies words. This loss can be accompanied by shock, fear, and despair.


Immediately after the disaster, many people experience difficulty in expressing sadness due to evacuation and trying to rebuild their lives, and they do not feel like talking about their loss and grief. Therefore, some grief experiences are able to develop into serious problems almost unnoticed.


Grief support after a disaster can go on for years. Through this bereavement project, we try to find out how to best provide long-term bereavement support after disasters. This will help us to prepare for possible future disasters. By utilizing related materials and bringing together the wisdom and experience of many domestic and foreign experts, we are conducting the following practical activities.


  1. Building a network of grief experts
  2. Collecting, translating and introducing domestic and foreign materials on psychosocial support for those affected by disaster.
  3. Publishing leaflets, manuals, and websites to promote the understanding of grief and how to support victims
  4. Creating a support network and system for those who have lost their loved ones in a disaster and for those with missing family members
  5. Organizing training and workshops for supporters in the affected areas, and also supporting local people who organize workshops
  6. Supporting bereavement peer groups