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In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the JDGS project launched two websites: one to support those who have lost loved ones, and the other to provide information on ambiguous loss.


1.”A website to support those who have lost a loved one”

It took six months to create this website after the Great East Japan Earthquake.  The site was updated in December of 2011, and then relaunched in the fall of 2015. While the Japanese version was updated, the English version will be added in summer 2020.This website contains a variety of information that we feel those who have lost a loved one and those who support them should know.



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  • What is grief?

  • For those who have lost someone important after a disaster

  • For supporters

  • For mental care professionals

  • Information

  • About JDGS



2)”Ambiguous loss information website”

This website was created a year and a half after the Great East Japan Earthquake.  It was updated in October of 2012, followed by a renewal in the autumn of 2015. Another renewal was undertaken in 2020. This website contains a range of information about “ambiguous loss” that can occur when a family member is missing, when they are unable to return to their hometown, or when they have a family member with dementia.



Website URL

Site Content

  • What is ambiguous loss?

  • Leaving without Goodbye

  • Goodbye without Leaving

  • For supporters and professionals

  • Information

  • About JDGS